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1.1 in order to better provide you with quality services and first-class technical support, so that the hospital is removed from any menace from the "rear". My company has a full-time customer service staff, responsible for my company installed equipment after sale service and product quality tracking and inspection work. After sale service personnel by professional engineering and technical personnel. After sale service personnel are engaged in the accumulation of years of work experience, can skillfully handle medical gas system equipment of all kinds of faults.

1.2 the company's medical gas engineering, the warranty period of 24 months, from general contracting project final acceptance and surrender within 24 months after the need to replace the spare parts costs, repair costs, repair personnel to travel all by my company. According to the specific project our company specially formulated the following repair plan:

1.2.1 use the company's products in the warranty period for free changing parts repair.

1.2.2 products use of components of quality problems the company free changing parts repair.

1.2.3 products in use because the installation problem caused by the company free repair.

1.2.4 receiving the customer's information to announce repair repair repair departments responsible person, the supervisor immediately after receiving the information and customer contact, failure of the product to the customer to verify and explain to the customer site, repair personnel will be in terms of repair time at.

1.2.5 repair service personnel lift fault; to let the customer on-site inspection, in order to better serve customers, repair service personnel in complete repair services after sale repair after the need to fill in the" record". And by the hospital to fill in the" customer feedback form" of the product repair using observations.

1.3 repair time and the supply of spare parts

1.3.1 provides 24 hour emergency repair services, such as an emergency call my company - customer service, my company after receipt of the notice to repair personnel will arrive at the scene within 2 hours.

1.3.2 for the convenience of maintenance, the company warehouse perennial: parts, accessories and consumable, guarantee the timely supply of repair materials used.

1.3.3 customer use once there is a problem, my company professional and technical personnel received notice, will promptly repair and solve problems.

1.4 for after the completion of the after sale service, we set up the all-round for customer service system, our company has corporate headquarters, project manager, project for construction operation team composed of three warranty service organization, all-round for customer service.

1.5 for this project, our company is equipped with the technical strength of the customer service personnel to provide repair services. Since the project delivery date, during the warranty period, I will organize regular return visit group on the project pay a return visit, the group led by the engineer, the relevant departments and project managers and other staff in.

1.6 the warranty period, the project manager for the Department of engineering maintenance team was established, under the engineering guarantee construction team, engineering maintenance team members from engineering experience, the ability to deal with the problem of strong, work conscientiously the original project manager for the Department of construction management and construction personnel. With the construction unit to do a variety of warranty work, at the same time, to the hospital to provide detailed technical description information, to help the construction units to better understand medical gas system used in the process of attention.

1.7 in the return process, to the hospital of any quality problems and opinions, are to do a return visit records, where construction responsibility quality defects as soon as possible, we will propose a solution, and timely repair. Does not belong to construction quality problems, we will be enthusiastic for owners to provide advice, help to solve the problem.